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The Nations Premiere B2B Merchant Services Provider

Our drive to develop, improve and extend the most advanced payment technologies has moved Sterling to the forefront of merchant payment processing today.

We have found it is critical to understand and support the needs of payment processing. That support can only be maintained by establishing close relationships with payment technology providers for specific industry segments.

Sterling is focused on providing the highest quality Merchant payment processing services, and unlike most of our competitors, we have complete control of the vital processes that can impact every merchant

The Nations Premiere B2B Merchant Services Provider

At Sterling Buying Group, we do three things extremely well.

  • Savings - we save our clients thousands of dollars per year in processing fees. Huge savings in processing fees can amount to significant bottom line improvement.
  • Simple Efficient Systems - we provide the most efficient and advanced processing systems to make your processing fast, simple and with outstanding reporting and analysis.
  • Service - we are highly focused and dedicated to providing extraordinary customer service.  


Sterling is focused on providing only the highest quality Business to Business Merchant payment processing services. We have developed close relationships with leading payment technology providers for multiple industry segments, allowing Sterling Buying Group to deliver significant savings with cutting edge processing technology. Unlike most of our competitors, we maintain complete control of the vital processes that can impact every transaction and merchant. This allows us to execute transactions of all sizes with the most efficient rates available – savings our clients thousands of dollars every year.  

Contact Sterling Buying Group today to learn more about what we can do to help your business with innovative payment processing solutions and technologies.

B2B Card Not Present Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing can be a major expense for a company.  As a business grows in its field, they rely more and more on B2B transactions. Finding solutions to payment processing that allow for “Card Not Present” transactions to move quickly and safely, at a reasonable cost can be a challenge. You need your credit card transactions to be verified and processed in a timely manner to keep your business moving forward. You also need to keep an eye on processing fees, as you don’t want to pay anymore than is necessary. Finally, you need to trust that your credit card transactions are safe and secure, with as much protection from fraud and theft as possible.

With our B2B processing solutions, we can help you ensure that every transaction your company makes to another is handled accurately and professionally. Sterling Buying Group is an industry leader in helping you navigate these concerns. With our help, your B2B payment processing will be fast and secure every time.

Level 3 Processing from Sterling Buying Group

No matter what industry your business operates in, making sure that your payment processing rates are reasonable is of the utmost importance. After all, if you are overpaying for your credit card processing services, that’s akin to leaving money on the table. We can help you find the best Level 3 Processing solution for your business to ensure that you are getting the best rates possible with the best protection. One of the great advantages with Sterling Buying Group is our Level 3 Processing solution that ensures accuracy, security and organization with every transaction, allowing you to track every element of a purchase.

If you think your business could benefit from a higher class of protection and precision from your transactions, ask us about establishing a Level 3 Processing solution for your business.

Purchasing Card Processing from Sterling Buying Group

Purchasing Cards, also known as P-Cards, are used for business-to-business credit card transactions by corporations and government entities.  A Purchasing Card is similar to a credit card, but with a few notable differences. Primarily, a credit card will only provide a basic list of transactions, usually only with the date, merchant and amount. A Purchasing Card, on the other hand, is used just like a credit card, but with additional payment information.

A Purchasing Card will automatically provide additional information on each transaction, such as the quantity purchased, shipping and tracking information, and other data that makes a statement more like a detailed invoice. The advantage of Purchasing Cards is that they allow government buyers and large businesses with superior reporting and tracking of their transactions.  If your business has customers using P-Cards, Sterling Buying Group can help you manage and execute these Purchasing Card transactions with optimal rates and transaction technology.

Call us today - we would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

2013 Interchange Update from Sterling Buying Group

Click Here to view the latest update in Interchange Rates, Effective October 12, 2012.

B2B Credit Card Processing Experts

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance Solutions
Since the inception of the PCI compliance program, most merchants have been shielded from the process and procedural changes until now.

Interchange Management

Sterling Buying Group analysts regularly study the rules pertaining to how cards qualify and as part of the service include interchange training to each client. An effective merchant services partner will not just reduce what you pay to your Bank or Broker; they will help you reduce the amount you pay to the Card Associations.

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Our Mission

While strengthening relationships into long lasting business partnerships, Sterling Buying Group strives to help untangle the confusion of credit card processing and to educate these organizations on how to keep processing costs at a minimum.